Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Latest Vera Neumann Find

My latest vintage Vera find was a set of six of these pretty vinyl wipe-clean place mats:
And I also found another old advertisement in one of my vintage Seventeen magazines.
 I wish it was in color, but black and white will have to do:
The place mat with the pineapple shown above in the advertisement reminds me of these fruit place mats that I found quite a while ago:
I wish we could still buy a set of four Vera place mats with napkins for six dollars!
Wouldn't THAT be nice?


Tina Dawn said...

I love my Vera vinyl placemats, so glad you found some! Love T

Georgia Peachez said...

Love me some (any) Vera Neumann.

Jill said...

Nice find and nice ad! I am on a Vera dry spell, seems like I hacen't found anything in weeks!

Melanie said...

It would be nice. I really need to find some of those vinyl placemats. My kids get food on my placemats (not Vera) every time.