Sunday, October 19, 2014

More From Counterpoint

I have written about my love for vintage Counterpoint items before.
Quite a few times, I think, actually.
Here are three more things I found recently.
First up is a mushroom canister - discovered at the Waste Management Store.
I think I paid a dollar for it.
When I wrote this post back in 2010, I was dreaming about finding canisters like this.
Well, I found ONE of them anyway:
Label on the bottom - I love it when the original labels remain intact:
And I found this little "Key" key rack at a thrift store - for fifty cents!
It goes with the others I have! (Click here to see my post about them.)
Oh, I was happy when I spotted it!
And it has the label, as well:
 (There's another post, too, if you're interested. I told you I'm a BIG Counterpoint fan!)
And also, one more little Victorian  row house wall pocket for my little collection of those.
I think I may have six of them, now:
(Yes, it has the label on the bottom, too!)
Counterpoint made some of my very favorite vintage things.
And it is a great feeling EVERY single time when I find one of them at a thrift store!


Tina Dawn said...

Your collection is growing by leaps and bounds! Love T

Jill said...

Those are so cute - I've never seen the Counterpoint sticker!!!