Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Gemma Of My Own

I found this gorgeous bust, which I feel fairly certain is a Gemma Taccogna piece, at a shop earlier this month.
 I didn't really think I would ever own one of these beautiful ladies, since the prices they quite often command online far exceed my budget.
 But there she was, sitting up a bit high on a shelf - as if she had been waiting there, watching for me, waiting for me to come and rescue her.
 And since the tag on her confirmed that she was most certainly NOT out of my price range,
 I was very happy to bring her home with me.
Very happy, indeed.
(She's actually in very good condition; I'm afraid my close-up photos do not truly do her justice.
 I was finding it difficult to get good pictures with all of the reflections!)


lorlore said...

She is beautiful!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

She reminds me of papier mache we used to make with string, making that same kind of design she has on her base. Gorgeoous. Love T

farmlady said...

You did really well with the photos.
She is a very well done piece. I would say that whatever you paid was a bargain.