Monday, December 29, 2014

Piggy Bank Casseroles

Just in case your piggy bank may have been depleted , with all of the Christmas shopping and such......
...  today, we have a sweet little cookbook to help you out:
"Piggy Bank Casseroles", from Betty Crocker.
"A Special Collection Of Penny-Wise Recipes."
I had seen this little book on eBay, but I didn't have one, so I was tickled to find it at a thrift shop and have added it to my collection of vintage Betty Crocker cookbooks:
I love the colorful illustrations inside, by Helen Federico:
We have a recipe here for Zippy Beef Casserole:
A happy little cooking pot:
Deli Meats:
Chicken, eggs, cheese and fish, Betty's got you covered in many categories:
Here's a recipe for Fluffy Rice And Chicken Casserole:
And one for Chili-Chicken:
Mexican Medley:
What a cute little book it is!
(Published by Golden Press in 1970.)

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Tina Dawn said...

Yummy! I might even make the Chili-Chicken tonight with some left over turkey I have. Love T