Thursday, December 18, 2014

Models, Revisited: More Susie Blakely

I found some more photos of the lovely Susie Blakely in my vintage Seventeen magazines and pattern booklets, so I decided another one of my "Models" posts was in order.
Here she is in an advertisement for Revlon from Seventeen, (October 1970):
In an ad for Maidenform, from August of 1970:
A cute ad, with cute clothing from Pandora, (April of '72):
From a Revlon ad, May of 1970:
Below, she is seen with the wonderful Joyce Walker in an advertisement for "Ship "N Shore", April, 1972:
And  this one for Laura Mae shirts is from August of 1970:
Another Maidenform ad - I didn't get the date on this one:
And I forgot to jot down what the next one was from!
Three Susies, side by side!
And in the next two, she is modeling lovely dresses made from McCall's patterns - perfect for your holiday parties.
McCall's pattern # 3790:
And pattern #3782:
She's gorgeous, isn't she?


Tina Dawn said...

Great post, and yes she is very pretty. Love T

Sheryl said...

Didn't she star in a TV series called Rich Man, Poor Man?

Annette said...

Yes, she is beautiful. That first picture reminds me of a red purse I had that was just like that dress. It was called the "wet look"!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Sheryl, yes she was in the "Rich Man, Poor Man" mini-series with Peter Strauss and Nick Nolte. Good memory! (I watched it, too!)

moonshinejunkyard said...

She's darling and I love those fruit shirts!