Monday, December 8, 2014

Collection? Obsession? You Decide.

Yes, I admit that I AM rather obsessed with this colorful vintage "Yarn Gift Tye" from Hallmark.
I love the bright colors , and I cannot resist them when I find them at thrift stores:
This is a large basket, and there is more yarn in the bottom that you can't even see:
I have lots of colors, but probably not all:
I do, of course, find other brands, as well.
You can see some of them in the basket, but these 'Popcolor" ones come in at second place for me:
It isn't only for gift wrapping you know.
Look here at this beautiful wall hanging I found on Etsy.
I seriously think I should consider attempting to create something like this, because I think it's fabulous:
This pretty lot was for sale on Ebay a while back:
And check out this vintage Hallmark wrapping paper, below!
I love it - wish that it was mine:
All the rest of my photos in this post are from the "The Hallmark Guide To Beautiful Packages" that I showed you in yesterday's post.
I simply must try my hand at making those pom poms, too!
This stupendous display at a Hallmark store (from back in 1969) astounds and delights me!
I wish they still had all of these items available, because I would want to buy them ALL:
These vintage papers are SO gorgeous!
There are a lot of ways to dress up your packages with the "Yarn Gift Tye", as well as everything else Hallmark has/had to offer:
How lovely is this hat box!?
Check out all of these cute packaging ideas:
This pretty lady looks very pleased to be surrounded by all of those beautiful packages.........
.....and I can relate, because, as I have mentioned before, I very much enjoy creating pretty packages, myself!


Sheryl said...

In my small town in Wisconsin it was very popular to use the yarn for hair ties when I was in the 2nd grade.

Georgia Peachez said...

I always buy this when I find it. If Hallmark was to have a display like that again, you would have to fight me for it :-)

Candice said...

My sister and I used to wear this yarn as hair ribbons when we were in grade school.

Diane said...

Yes, I remember the yarn hair tied too! Need I say I LOVE these photos??

Diane said...

Oops-- I meant "ties--" dumb ipad!

Tina Dawn said...

I would love to get that hatbox wrapped present, it could even be empty and I would be happy! Love T

Sunnyana said...

I used to use this kind of yarn a lot. I still have a little left that I'm saving. I love your collection and all the bright wrapping ideas!

Leanne Evans said...

That hatbox is right up my alley too and yes I wore my hair in a ponytail with this "gift" yarn as well.