Thursday, December 25, 2014

Twinkle Bright This Christmas Night

This post is simply twinkly things and sparkly Christmas wishes for a wonderful, blessed day to you all.
This simple little tree is a Dept. 56 item, purchased at Dorothea's Christmas in Sonora. It's on the mantel with assorted other items, old and new. It looks SO pretty at night with lights aglow along the mantel behind it, but I was unable to capture it in a photo:
The arrangement of baubles and spikes in this vintage deer planter is one of my favorites every year:
A profusion of vintage picks and spikes sprouts from a vintage pottery vase:
Even Cool Cat wanted in on the Christmas action this year, as you can see:

These two trees, below, and their bases (four pieces total) were all found separately throughout the year at thrift stores. All together I believe I paid around $8.00 for everything.
They look so lovely when lit from within:
And one more thing I wish you - kisses under the mistletoe:
I love these vintage "Thingies" puzzles by Sandy Miller. This is the only one I've ever found at a thrift store.
Happy Christmas Kitsch and Kisses To You!!
And wherever you celebrate today, here's hoping you go jingling all the way.......


lorlore said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Drive safe!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Merry Christmas to you! Love T