Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Think Santa Reads My Blog....

....because he brought me exactly what I wanted!
My very own copy of "Never Stop To Think...Do I Have A Place For This?", by Mary Randolph Carter!
Honestly, I believe that he saw this post from earlier this month.
I love this quote and the accompanying photo of the author:
For I, too, am most definitely a "girl who loved too many things", as you may well know if you are a regular reader of this blog.
Back in this post, I revealed something rather similar about myself.
And I got a major kick out of the fact that on page twelve of the book, here was something of Mary's that I have, too.
 Almost the very same:
 Not that it surprised me at all that we had another of the same type of vintage things. After all, I have the other books of hers, in which I saw numerous vintage things that we just happened to both appreciate and own!
Yes, indeed it IS true that I find beauty in FAR too many things, and my collections may be a bit out of control.
And I think Ms. Carter would completely and totally understand.
(I LOVE the book; but then, I knew I would! If you are a collector like me,  then I am certain that you will enjoy it, too!)

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Tina Dawn said...

I am sure I would love all her books, unfortunately that is one thing I have way too many of, BOOKS. So I will someday read yours... Love T