Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Rare Bird

I found this "rare bird" at the Waste Management store.
An unique piece of art, on wood:
Then about a week later, I was looking through one of my vintage Seventeen magazines and I spotted this Hanes advertisement:

Artwork in the ad is by an artist named Lippman - quirky, colorful and pretty fabulous birds. I'm afraid I have no other information about the artist:

My little handmade wooden plaque was created by Aunt Pat for Lynn's 3rd birthday in 1971: 
I think it is safe to assume that Aunt Pat may very well have found her inspiration for the creation of her gift in this ad, which came out the year before: 
What do YOU think?
Aunt Pat - whoever and wherever you are, I'm sorry, in one way, that your niece Lynn did not hold onto this, but in another way, I'm rather glad she didn't - because that meant that I was able to find it and bring it home and I happen to think this Rare Bird is super-cool!
So, thank you for creating it 43 years ago!


lorlore said...

That bird is awesome and looks very much like the artwork!!!!!!

Sunnyana said...

I remember that ad and it does look like it was the inspiration for the piece of art. Is the bird only done in paint? On my old monitor it looks 3 dimensional like there could be some yarn involved.

Heidi Ann said...

Sunnyanna, it IS three dimensional , but it isn't yarn - I am not sure what she used, exactly, but it really did result in an unusual finished piece! She built it up with something , possibly papier mâché, and then she painted it all.

Tina Dawn said...

He is a cutie, and I thought he looked familiar before I saw the ad. I am not sure why. It is too bad that Lynn didn't appreciate her Aunt's talent, but I am glad you do. Love T

Diane said...

Quite a story! Special piece!

Phyl D said...

Dear Heidi Ann,

Sorry I am so late to comment but I think the art work in this Hanes ad may have been done by the children's book author/ illustrator Peter Lippman. Here is a link to an interview that was done with him back in 2001:

His adorable children's books are published by Workman publishing company.

Happy New Year!