Saturday, December 6, 2014

Then And Now #101: Lime Jell-O

Although I have written one of these posts before, back in April of 2009, it's all about Lime Jell-O exclusively today, which happens to be one of my favorite flavors.
First , we have an ad from 1936. As you can see at the bottom, this lady wanted "GENUINE" Jell-O.
 I can't blame her, it's "only REAL Jell-O for me, every time", as well!
One year later, here is the same photo in the little cook-booklet Jell-O put out with Jack Benny on the cover, this time with the recipe for Apricot And Lime Dessert:
From 1937, also - found in the same booklet, I can't say this Supper Salad Ring sounds quite as appealing to me.
 I do like the fact that it has grapefruit in there, but I don't think I'd want to serve tuna salad in the center.
(Yes, I think I will leave that out - if I ever make it, LOL!)
  Here is the back of the little cookbook, with the old  ("Then") Lime Jell-O package seen on the left:
From a nice little book titled "The Joys Of Jell-O" , published in 1961, we have the "Under-The-Sea Salad".
I like everything about this one!
The next few pictures are from another great book I picked up at a thrift store "Celebrating 100 Years of Jell-O, published in 1997.
This one is a Layered Pear Cream Cheese Mold - looks pretty, and sounds yummy:
An unusual version of Key Lime Pie is seen in the next picture.
While it does looks pretty good, I sincerely doubt it is as tasty as the "real" thing:
And here is the Under-The-Sea salad again!
According to the book, the recipe for that one "dates back to the 1930's", and it still looks and sounds good today, as far as I'm concerned. (I do like the taller version, shown above, better, though - it just looks prettier to me.)
Another of my favorite ways to use Lime Jell-O is in the Ribbon Salad, which can be made in different flavors and color combinations for the holidays.
 For Christmas, I like (cherry) red Jell-O and of course, Lime, and then you have the white layer in there, too - a perfect holiday Jell-O Salad for your table!
 This one is from one of the Farm Journal cookbooks, which I've written about numerous times, as many of the recipes found in those books are lifelong family favorites of the Gold Country Girls.
And here's one more picture, below - a "Then And Now", featuring vintage aluminum Jell-O molds both tall and small - including a couple of holiday ones. One of the smallest ones even still has it's original price tag, just 5 cents. I doubt I paid too much more than that when I found mine, although a number of these were already here in the house when we moved in, and I can't remember which ones, at this point - other than the nice tall one.
And then we also have a  "Now", the "new" package of Jell-O, in the Sugar Free version.
By the way, if you try any of these recipes, let me know, won't you?
(I have more vintage Jell-o molds, but I am not sure where they are so I was unable to photograph them today.)


Tina Dawn said...

They all look good! Love T

kate steeper said...

Jelly was a big occasion when i grew up , now the kids and grandkids are horrified if i ever make it. However we do keep a secret supply for me and Mr Bah Humbug still

Diane said...

Like your molds and the Jack Benny ad. Boy, that's going back!

farmlady said...

I LOVE Jello. Forget how good it is. Think I will make some for us tomorrow.
I love the Jack Benny ad.