Friday, December 19, 2014

More Vintage Christmas Finds

I feel as though I have gotten fairly lucky here lately, in the "finding vintage Christmas" department.
Here are some more examples for you today.
We'll start with these two sweet little Christmas girls:
And next we have a little "ChrisMouse"
These ornaments are quite large, and I found them buried under far less interesting stuff ( what I call "Christmas Crap") at the waste management store.
Frankly, I was surprised they survived intact. I just stuck the corsage in to fill up the empty spot:

I picked up two cute vintage (Made In Japan) boots and a little "rockin' Mrs. Claus shaker.
 I have no problem at all with buying lone shakers, who are missing their mate, if they are vintage Christmas - and cute:

These two were waste management finds, also:
I love finding cute tags at the thrift stores.
 Trouble is, I don't like opening them!
That's all right, I have plenty of other nice tags - enough to last a lifetime, probably:

I found three more vintage bell ornaments to add to my collection, too:

And I found a vintage box of bows.
 Now, why would you want to add just any plain old bow to your packages when you can use "Glamour Bows", I ask you, why?

Ribbons, too, all prettily packaged up in a Christmas tree shape. Good thing I have LOTS of other ribbon, too - because I really don't want to open this package, either!

I found three little vintage Santa lantern ornaments:
And last of all, two more vintage ornament hanger boxes for my collection, and some very pretty embroidered ribbon/trim that reminds me of stained glass:
That does it for today, folks!


Tami Von Zalez said...

*claps* love it all! I pinned those ceramic smalls to my Countdown to Kitschmas Pinterest board.

Tina Dawn said...

Very nice finds, and hey, I need five ornament hangers, can I reach in and borrow some? Love T

Diane said...

Those are great finds! I've seen next to no vintage Xmas this year. LOVE the tags! And, hey, my dad has the same gold Santa boot from way back when (was my mom's or maybe even her mom's).

Shara said...

Lots of great vintage goodies! I haven't found much out and about this year. But, I have been gifted crazy amounts from wonderful folks. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Sunnyana said...

What a great collection! My favorites are the ceramic girls and bells and the embroidered trim which I too thought looked like stained glass before I even read your description. The ribbon packaged in the shape of a tree looks very familiar.

Anonymous said...

Great finds..especially those in original packaging, which was always so much more creative back then.
I really love the ceramic gals!