Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vintage Hallmark For Christmas

I've also been finding vintage Hallmark items for Christmas at the thrift shops lately.
Like these sweet little pins - as if I didn't have enough pins already!
And some pretty place mats with a nice tree in green and blue:
I really like these:
A vintage advertisement (it's kind of rough - from the back of a magazine, I had to cover up a big rip on the side there!):
Adorable snowmen on a BIG paper party tablecloth:
Another snowman, another "Jolly Holidays" table cover:
Some unusual fold-up cards with a corn husk angel for the holidays:
And my favorite find is this fabulous vintage "Hallmark Guide To Beautiful Packages":
For me, the presentation is as important as the gift inside, so this
super booklet from 1969 is right up my alley!
Oh, how I love the "pretty paper, pretty ribbons"........
So many lovely ideas with all sorts of gorgeous gift wrap, ribbons, and bows!
Time to wrap this post up!


Tina Dawn said...

You are the wrapping queen of our family, that is for sure! And now with your booklet you will be even better! Love T

farmlady said...

Hardly anyone wraps a gift anymore. Decorative bags are so easy and fast.
But... I love to wrap gifts too. Guess we are just a bit old fashion. That's a good thing.

Diane said...

Yes-- most people throw stuff in a gift bag these days. Love the old Hallmark designs. Wish they would release a "retro" line of cards and gift wrap. I'd sure buy some!