Monday, May 11, 2015

A Shelf "Re-Do"

I found a tall funky wooden cupboard at a thrift shop quite a while back.
 They even had a nice man deliver it for me at no charge - since it wouldn't fit in my car!
Here is how it looked after I had started sanding it:
It definitely needed some help:
I primed it....

Painted it white - a couple of coats:

 I stuck some wrapping paper on the back (it was all I could find that would fit!).
The wood at the back of that top portion was cheap and weird and needed to be covered up:
 And then it sat out on the patio forever.....
 Until I was finally able to put it into my new space in Jamestown and use it to display merchandise:
It is only about two feet wide, and it fits nicely into a corner.
 I rather like that it's a bit unusual in size and shape, and I like that the shelves are all different heights.
I haven't painted any larger pieces of furniture before, so I was kind of proud of myself that I got it done at all, to tell you the truth!


Tina Dawn said...

It looks really good. I like that it is different too. You filled it up nicely! I hope your customers unfill it quickly. Love T

Diane said...

Very nice job! That is an unusual piece. Maybe an old secretary?

Sew Inspired said...

Came out nice. Don't you just love doing projects like that. I love it and I enjoy giving new life to old furniture.

lorlore said...

Very nice job!!! Looks good!!!