Monday, May 4, 2015

I Think The Clerk Thought I Was Crazy

When I was paying for my finds at a thrift store, I saw this box of Kleenex sitting behind the counter - not for sale, but rather sitting there for the employees to use.
I said something about it, and the clerk picked it up so I could look at it.
Then I asked her if I could buy it.
She may have thought I was crazy, but she didn't really let on - just seemed rather surprised!
Who wants to buy an old box of Kleenex?
Well, that would be me.
I like the design, I like the colors, and I noticed right away that it was an older logo.
It's from 1971 - of COURSE I like it!
Well, you know me - I'm a freak for vintage.
I had to search online to find a photo of the booklet that is advertised on the bottom of my "new" old box - found it!
"The Paper-Tique", a new art for today's homemaker.
I got a kick out of that.
I am not really interested in making things out of Kleenex tissues, but Ann Joselyn was, and I do appreciate her crafty talent!
I DO, however re-use Kleenex boxes - to hold plastic grocery store bags.
 I must say, this desktop and drawer look very organized:
A selection of products from the "Kleenex Boutique" collection:
Below, you see a more recent box of Kleenex, with their familiar logo and an equally pretty floral design:
I am a Kleenex snob.
What I mean by that is that we do not purchase any other brand.
I have tried others and I don't like them.
Kleenex tissues pop up one at a time - the box doesn't come with it. And they are soft, and there are lots of different choices.
 Right now I have a cold (sniff...) so I am using the "Lotion" type. We always have extra boxes on hand, and we always buy them on sale. I take them out of the regular long boxes and put them into vintage hand-painted metal decorative boxes  - we have one of those in each bedroom and each bathroom. We have boxes of Kleenex ALL over the house, in fact.
I have never seen a household that has Kleenex in more places than we do!
Yep, we like our Kleenex and we want it to be readily available at all times.
I've written about Kleenex before (back in this post), and I am actually planning to do another post about it, too.
Yep, kind of a freak about it.
That's the way I roll.
(And no, Kleenex isn't paying me anything! They don't know I exist.)


Tina Dawn said...

I like the old box AND the new box. They have always had style. I am not a Kleenex snob but I understand your obsession anyway. I love old "Kleenex" holders, I have one that is covered in a paisley material and you have reminded me it needs filling, and I just might put Kleenex in it! So right there you have helped out the company. Love T

Melanie said...

Great post, as always! I would like to see your vintage metal Kleenex holders in the next post you do about Kleenex!

Diane said...

How funny the thrift store was using vintage Kleenex. Not sure I'd want to wipe my nose with 44 year old tissues! Neat box though, and a cool craft booklet.

Sunnyana said...

I remember that box design! I'm very picky about the color or design of the box. I notice they are pink. I haven't seen colored tissues in years. We used to make tissue flowers with the different colors. It probably shows how in the Paper-tique booklet. I checked out your older post. I remember having an old Little Lulu comic that showed how to make things with Kleenex. Thanks for bringing back quite a few memories!