Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #117 A Vintage Alfred Shaheen Dress

I found this formal-length dress at an estate sale.
A vintage dress by Alfred Shaheen, in a rather outdated style:
But the fabric?
SO cute in pink, with these little Kokeshi Dolls on it in aqua:
The Shaheen label:
I have written about him before - here and here.
I think that if somebody didn't like the style, it would be wonderful to "re-work" this dress into something different. You could lose that entire bodice, keep the skirt and use the fabric that was removed to fashion a strapless top of some sort?
 The sheer fabric on the sleeves could be made into a sash , perhaps?
Or you could make a shorter skirt and have even more fabric to work with in order to fashion a different top, somehow.
I'm full of ideas - in my head - but not so great with the actual creating part of it.
Because the fabric is too sweet to be unused, and unworn - you know?
I just like the idea of it being made into something fashionable and wearable - and I would surely reincorporate that label into it - THAT has to stay!
I've got to leave the work to an expert though.....
...that's just not meant for me to tackle.


Tina Dawn said...

Very nice. It would work for a Rose dress, even though the fabric isn't old fashioned, as long as it wasn't for the pageant judging. It is really cute. I like your ideas, but I hope if someone wants it, it would be for the whole thing, out-dated style and all. Love T

holli said...

I love that print! It would definitely be cute as a short skirt, or a cute scarf. or a quilt square.

farmlady said...

I think you ought to give it a try... you have so many good ideas about what to do and you're certainly creative. Go for it! The fabric is wonderful and I know that repurposing it would be challenging, but you should try.
I also like Holly's idea of making a scarf or skirt out of the fabric. Oh... so many possibilities.

Georgia Peachez said...

Totally dig that fabric. Plenty there to deconstruct and make something else. Maybe a simple chemise, lots of possibilities.