Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Iris Tea in El Dorado Celebrates 40 Years

Good morning, Tina here.

A couple of weeks ago my stepmom invited me to El Dorado. It was her church's 40th annual Iris Tea.  

There was a fashion show, which included a darling little girl and her mom.

Several models strode the runway in the newest fashions from a small El Dorado shop just across the street from the church.

The theme was "Over the Hill", a take-off on the 40 year anniversary.

Cute decorations, a toy truck struggles to go over the hill...

Even the napkins got into the mood.

I was only one of two ladies who wore a hat. When I think of a tea party I think of a hat.

There was a drawing for various prizes, you put your ticket in a bag by the prize you hoped to win. I hoped to win a pedicure and/or a pretty crocheted scarf. I didn't...

Donna was busy working but had a few minutes to sit with me and enjoy the fashion show. We enjoyed sandwiches and some great cookies, and of course tea.

Those with gardens brought irises for a contest. There were prizes for the best single iris and the best bouquet.

It was a fun and colorful afternoon.

The winning bouquet, above, was exceptional.

Thanks to Donna for inviting me, and I am looking forward to year 41!


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, that looks so nice! so glad you got to go with her and enjoy it!

lorlore said...

How fun, I went a few years ago!!!! Sorry I missed it!!!!