Monday, May 18, 2015

The "State" Of The Fabric Remnant

I love finding neat vintage fabric remnants at the thrift stores.
This one caught my eye, with really cute artwork depicting a number of our United States.
 I didn't get close -ups on all of them, but I''l share quite a few.
We have Oregon:
And Washington - (not "Washinton", which is what it says - really? Geez.)
South Dakota:
Texas - and another misspelling it's tobacco, folks:
New York:
New Jersey:
New Mexico:
And Nevada:

I love all of the colors, and I wish I knew who the artist was.
(But I think they should have used a dictionary - or something.)


Tina Dawn said...

Pretty funny to find misspellings on fabric! I guess if you don't look too close it doesn't matter. Very cute! I think they should have put a miner with a gold pan for California, but Malibu is probably what most people think we are all about. I was just going through a lot of my fabric remnants yesterday and mine are nice but not as interesting! Love T

Candice said...

Where is Spellcheck when you need it? Cute fabric though! I saw Arizona upside down. I notice people often spell Phoenix like Pheonix and Tucson like Tuscon! Dopes!

Diane said...

Very neat! If you use it, hide "Washinton" in a seam!!

Shelly said...

I've worked with graphics designers for years, and have found that they are generally terrible spellers! But cute fabric anyway!

GSGreatEscaper said...

I had a shirt once with Christmas Carol titles on it, including that classic "Sliver and Gold" - ouch that hurt!