Tuesday, May 5, 2015

From Mexico (By Way Of Japan)

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo today with this little lady:
My sweet little senorita with castanets:
 I've had this little ceramic sweetheart since I was a little girl:
 Made by "Josef Originals":
 Unfortunately, she got broken and was repaired a number of times.
 And somewhere along the line, I acquired another one.
 I don't even remember where or when!
In fact, I didn't even remember that I had two of them.
 I found what I believe is my oldest, original one packed away in a box.
You can see from the label on the bottom that they really didn't come from Mexico. 
No, they were actually made in Japan:
Now side by side, the two of them make a pretty little pair.

 I am glad that I rediscovered her.
Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!


Tina Dawn said...

I remember her. Nice that she has a twin. Very pretty. Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Love T

Sew Inspired said...

Josef Originals are some of my favorite pieces. I'd never seen these before and they are so beautiful. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Diane said...

I had three of those girls when I was a kid and like a dope got rid of them when I got older. However, my sister took my Japan girl so I still get to see her.

Rob and Monica said...

She's great!
Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Rob)

Sunnyana said...

How cute! I have two identical emerald Josef Original birthday girls for May, my birthday month. Like you, I didn't realize I had two until a few years ago. I'm sure my Mom must have given them to me, one when I was very young and the other much later. The background fabric in your pictures looks just like a love seat I used to have.