Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Rather Random Array Of Finds

An odd assortment for you today - let's start with this pretty little framed crewel picture:
This is one of the cutest button cards I have found - I bought this one at A. Flowers in Jamestown:
I found this little box with these two sets of cute playing cards inside at a thrift store in Angels Camp:
I got this pretty red paisley vintage fabric for free at one of my favorite thrifts - just because she forgot to add it in at first, and then said "Oh, well - just take it."
Okay - thanks!
I found this cool vintage fish tray and some coasters with capiz shell inserts:
 And I got this lovely crewelwork wall hanging at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
 I may try to add a few stitches to repair it:

 I found these three great books about Disney parks, below.
When I got home, I found that I already  had one of them, but I was happy to add the other two to my collection!
I like these little calico initials:
And, speaking of letters: I keep picking up little bags of magnetic alphabet letters, simply because I like using them on magnetic boards.
 Silly, but when I took these out of their plastic bag, I was determined to fit them all onto this vintage metal tray temporarily.
A jumbled mess, but I JUST made it:
I'm loving the colors on this pretty little vintage pot or planter made by Relpo:
And I I was really tickled to find a copy of Peggy Lipton's autobiography. I think it was fifty cents.
(I love her, just in case you might not remember this post.
Oh, and also this one AND this one, both of which I wrote about The Mod Squad.)
And that's it for today!


Tina Dawn said...

Lots of great finds. Someone named Dana would love your fabric letters. Good thrifting! Love T

Leanne said...

So many great finds! I remember those calico letters and that exact packaging. I had a calico L ironed onto and eventually sewn onto my jeans purse, made of course from an old pair of my jeans.