Wednesday, May 20, 2015

History in a Quilt at the El Dorado County Museum

Good afternoon, Tina here. I am late. I had (still have) a bit of a glitch in the post I was trying to do this morning, so I had to give up because I had an El Dorado Rose Association meeting in town, and so here I am back home. I tried again and gave up again, although I will try to finish that post for a later date.

I am showing a beautiful quilt which was displayed at the El Dorado County Museum when I was working there in 2011. I don't know if it is still on display there, I wasn't planning to write about it so unfortunately didn't research it. I don't even know who made it, my bad.

However, it is a quilted pictorial of some of our El Dorado County favorite happenings and landmarks, and says Rescue, California on it, so I imagine that is where it was made. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Besides other places, the quilt depicts the Rescue Store (still standing but all boarded up and in disrepair), the building the Rescue post office is located in, and the Emmanuel Church and Sutter's Mill in Coloma.

Although I am not a quilter, I have always wanted to put fabric together to make a picture, this quilt is making me want to do it even more.

The Emmanuel Church in Coloma is where Gold Country Sisters Lori and Tina (me) had a double wedding about a zillion (well, 30 +) years ago, with Heidi and our dear cousin Elaine as maids of honor. This church has probably been photographed, painted, and depicted in fabric or other forms over thousands of times, since it is so iconic.

Well that's it for today, thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoyed this pretty quilt.

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Heidi Ann said...

What a great quilt! I've never seen it before. I love the idea of combining history and lovely stitchery work and fabrics. What a clever person (woman?) who put this all together.