Friday, May 8, 2015

The Cutest Quilt

I was getting photos off of my old phone, and I had forgotten that I had  taken these pictures at the El Dorado County Fair last summer.
I thought this blue ribbon quilt was one of the cutest I'd ever seen!
The little dresses are so sweet:
There were nine different ones; I wish I had gotten close-ups of them all.
I'm so sorry I did not write down the name of the talented person who created it.
Such pretty combinations of fabrics:
I love this one in orange and yellow:
Yellow and blue is lovely, too:
(But I think my favorite is the lace-up bodice one with the yellow gingham apron.)
Which one do YOU like the best?


Tina Dawn said...

I love that quilt! How adorable! I think I like the yellow and blue the best. Glad you found the photos. Love T

lorlore said...

My favorite is the yellow and orange, my favorite colors, of course!! So cute!!!!

Sunnyana said...

How very cute! My favorite is the one with the green apron and the pink floral dress. Green & pink are my favorite colors and I really like that floral print.