Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Finds, Because I'm Always Out There Looking

First up is this pretty pottery vase with a yellow goose:
More mats for my collection:
My friend Jamie found this little guy when we were shopping together at an estate sale - cute vintage wooden  "push-up" toy:
I picked up this gorgeous sailboat pin:
 And this wall hanging is the mate for one I found a while back:
I also discovered quite a few wonderful books at one of our newest thrift stores, including vintage Joan Walsh Anglund:
And Tasha Tudor books, too (and one written by her daughter):
Sweet little books:
And I found a very nice unused vintage linen tea towel, lovely in aqua and brown with Pennsylvania Dutch designs:
Last of all today is this sweet little gal - a vase that I'm pretty sure was made in the 1970's:
 More to come - as soon as I get a chance to take more photos!


Tina Dawn said...

Nice finds, the vase is especially lovely! Love T

holli said...

I love that linen towel and those books are so precious. Those would be nice to have.

Diane said...

Nice finds! Great books and really like your girl vase. I haven't found much lately.

Stephanie said...

Love your blog and have for years !!