Friday, May 15, 2015

Patchwork Was The Theme That Day

I had admired this little patchwork throw so many times, and I finally decided to purchase it the last time I was up at Mountain Treasures - mostly because I was afraid it might be gone the next time I went.
(You KNOW how that goes, right?)
I'm glad I decided to bring it home:
So many great fabrics were chosen by the person who made it:
Paisleys were included:
And I always love a bright floral:
The backing was a lovely choice, as well:
At my next stop, I spied this vintage Anne Murray LP from 1974:
I've always loved her voice, I love the cover artwork with it's patchwork and embroidery, and the album even features one of our Daddy's favorite songs, "Snowbird".
How could I resist?


Tina Dawn said...

I love the throw, very colorful and bright! Our neighbor in Diamond Springs absolutely loved Ann Murray, and I had actually forgotten about her. I didn't know that was one of Daddy's favorite songs. Maybe sometime you can let us know others. Great post. Love T

Candice said...

I love the bright patchwork fabrics. It reminds me of the skirts sister Alice and I made in 8th grade. I like Ann Murray too and saw her in concert in the late 70's.

GSGreatEscaper said...

My grandmother was from Nova Scotia, and when AM came on the TV/Radio she would always say "She's the doctor's daughter from Springhill!" My darling mother took Grandma to see AM in concert - GM had a great time. (Look up the Springhill Mine Disaster if you are interested in knowing about Anne Murray's hometown.)