Monday, May 25, 2015

Patterns From The Past: McCall's 3090 - A Dress In Three Lengths

Today's pattern is a McCall's dress to make in a knit fabric, pattern number 3090.
The advertisement below for Montgomery Ward is from Seventeen Magazine:
Lori used to work at Montgomery Ward in downtown Placerville, and I believe we used to order fabrics from their catalog sometimes.
It's always nicer to see and feel fabric in person, though, in my opinion.
Three lengths - maxi, below-the-knee, and above the knee, as seen on the pattern front:
This pattern is from 1972, and I found two additional examples of dresses made from the same pattern in an issue of "McCall's Pattern Fashions" magazine.
On the left, below, in a pretty flowered print:
And this one:
(So make that four lengths, then - since that last one is more of a mini!)
One of McCall's "Make It Tonight Knits" for stretchable knits only:
It looks like a fairly simple, easy-to-wear dress - if you have the right figure for it!


Tina Dawn said...

For some reason I never enjoyed sewing knits as much as the lovely cottons, but this looks like it was very easy. Cute! Love T

lorlore said...

You are correct,I did work at Montgomery Ward Catalog Store in Placerville for a short time.I think it was my first job after Babysitting. And, yes, the few paychecks I got were spent on fabric from the catalog, I don't recall if I received a discount.