Monday, September 22, 2014

Alley Cat By Betsey Johnson , Circa 1972

I have written about Betsey Johnson a number of times before here on this blog.
I was able to find some more advertisements featuring her clothing designs in my vintage Seventeen Magazines, and I decided to share them this morning, since I am looking forward to seeing Betsey again tonight on Dancing with The Stars.
Last week she had an unfortunate situation with a feather boa prop; I felt badly for her.
 But she made it through to dance again with her partner Tony Dovolani, and I am wishing them both the best this evening.
In honor of that today, we have some more of the fabulous vintage clothing she designed for Alley Cat.
Most, if not all of these are from 1972.
SO cute - love the sweaters, socks and shoes!

 The cardigan, shirt and cords in the photo below were all her designs for Alley Cat, as well:
 And in the next picture, you see a cute, quilted jacket that is the same fabric design as the shirt above:
 In 1972, I would have been THRILLED to have owned any one of these fashions!
Good luck tonight, Betsey!

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Tina Dawn said...

Very cute, what cute ads! Love T