Saturday, September 6, 2014

What's Penny Wearing? #110 More "Thrifted" Combinations

I love finding nice (and very inexpensive) clothing and accessories at the thrift shops.
 You know - things I will actually WEAR?!
Like this pretty orange rayon sleeveless top, and a long fringed tropical scarf to go with it:
 The fringed hibiscus scarf below should make the transition into fall fairly easily....
 ....especially when paired with this nice beige linen jacket , which was also a thrift shop purchase:
I found a nice, soft, Gap denim shirt, and this scarf I "thrifted" a while ago  pairs nicely with it:
You can't say that I haven't "got the blues":

And still more combos for when the weather cools down a bit - this gorgeous scarf looks great with a sweater I already had (it was a Christmas gift from my daughter-in-law):

 I love the way they look together:

  And I found a very nice red corduroy shirt from J.Jill and a great plaid scarf to wear with it:

 I love corduroy, and I don't have a lot of red things.
 I thought it was pretty cool that I found the scarf on the very same day.
Since they look so nice together, and all:
Just sprucing up my wardrobe, a couple of dollars at a time.

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Tina Dawn said...

Wow, great finds. You are going to look sharp. Needs to cool off a bit first though! Love T