Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pottery Finds From a Thrift Store

When I went in to one of my favorite thrift stores last week, it appeared that somebody's entire pottery collection had been donated.
I'm showing you today what I purchased.
An aqua McCoy Dutch shoe. You may not remember that I collect these shoes. It looks like this one has a chip in the photo; it does not.
Not McCoy, but still nice:
And another in blue (guess I should have cleaned them up before I photographed them!)
And two southern belle lady planters:
Yes, they have paint that is pretty much worn away, but no chips or other damage:
And I couldn't resist this cute little guy:
I'm pretty sure he's a distant cousin to both Smokey Bear AND WinnieThe Pooh.
(I cannot help but wonder what treasures had been purchased before I got there!)


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, great find with the shoes, and I love your bear. Love T

Katey said...

Cool! I collect the McCoy/Hall? Cocker Spaniel planters