Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Bright Vintage Interiors, Just Because They Make Me Smile

We will start off today with two living rooms featuring bright sofas:
And a bedroom in full bloom:
And next, some kitchen spaces:
 Here's a better view of that dining nook:
 More bright blooms, below - on the wall, this time.
 And pink shutters, light fixture, table and chairs.
Oh, and one of my favorite vintage Counterpoint canisters on the counter.
 I'll take that, if you please, along with their tableware:
 Flowers on the curtains, here - lots of them!
 Okay, so - I don't know - maybe that's all the color you can handle this morning?
Perhaps it's time to go have some breakfast..... a bright and sunny spot, if you possibly can.


Tina Dawn said...

Lots and lots of color. I really like the sofa in the first photo. I think I'll take a nap on it right now. Love T

Diane said...

Wow! Whatever happened to color?