Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Little Computer Time... So Much to Write! Some Placerville, California photos.

Good morning, Gold Country Sis Tina here.

As those annoying commercials say... "We live in the middle of nowhere" and it is hard to find a good computer connection for way out here...

I am right this minute as I write this, at 248.8 MB data still unused, with 0 days remaining. I am not sure what that means, except that it isn't a lot. So don't expect a lot out of this post! I am going to try to put a few photos on here, they are from facebook friends who have shared photos from their past.

Above, a 1958 Trailways bus accident on Highway 50 (Broadway) in 1958.  Doesn't look too bad.

This house once stood on Highway 50 in Placerville (now Broadway) and was relocated to Smith Flat when they built the highway.

I think this photo, above, is from the 1968 El Dorado High School yearbook. It is of the art club, Atelier, and I think I am in there somewhere.

Here are students at El Dorado, in 1947, in line at the cafeteria. My favorite was turkey ala king on bulgur wheat. I loved that stuff! And only 40 cents, too.  No, I am not in this photo, it was quite a while before my time!

This photo is of the Fowler Orchard off Cedar Ravine. Now there is a school, church, houses. What a difference about 60 years makes!

Another of what is now filled with houses, doctor's offices and a hospital.

Our last photo shows a family in front of their home on Broadway, showing off the dad's prowess as a fisherman. Although this is not the Gold Country Girls' family, we did live nearby, when Heidi was in diapers and I was only a bit younger than the girl in shorts. Our Mom also had sunglasses a lot like this mom!

Hope you enjoyed a quick look at old Placerville. And I still have 223.7 MB left!


Heidi Ann said...

Neat pictures! My favorite is the one with the fish!

Thimblehappy said...

I love, love, LOVE old pictures of Placerville, Smithflat, etc.. Thanks for these; please keep them coming!

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