Friday, September 19, 2014

"Hooked" On Rugs

I love this colorful hooked rug:
I've found quite a few examples of hooked rugs, and rug kits, whether the more traditional rugs, or the latch-hook kits, in my vintage magazines.
"Love" the one below, as well - it's from the 1970's:
Heart and Hands - this is a lovely one, too:
The more color, the better, in my book:
The smaller examples you see below were made from kits, I'm sure.
 If I ever find my flower I made back in the 60's or 70's, I'll show it to you.
I found this flower and butterfly recently:

They'd be cute made into pillows, I think:

An advertisement for Shillcraft Readicut Rugs; I think this one is from the 1950's:
And here we have Shillcraft again, a decade or two later:
Kits from Bucilla, for latch rugs and pillows:
Another advertisement for latch hook kits:
And one for a New Brunswick book:
Wall Hanging Kits from Sunset Fibres:
And Rugs-By-The-Numbers, from Columbia-Minerva:
"Now it's as easy as A,B,C", don't you see?
Pre-cut wool, a stenciled design on the backing, and your ingenious latchet hook are all you need!
Oh - and some time.
Yes, there's that......


Tina Dawn said...

Very interesting. I really like the first rug. I have a kit for a nasturtium rug but don't know the maker. I also have one someone has already done. They all seem to be colorful and would be great to make and to use. Love T

Diane said...

I made a couple latch hook rungs back in the day. Don't have them anymore :(

Susan (Eastendmom) said...

My mom and I both made quite a few Shillcraft hooked rugs back in the 70s, some for our own home and some for gifts. We had a card table set up in the livingroom and whoever was in the mood would work on the rug. Good memories :-)