Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smoke overload...

Not much of a post this morning. I am busy praying for all the people who have been evacuated from the King Fire, which started in Pollock Pines and has been working its way east, north and south since. Here in Kelsey we seem to be safe from the flames, but the smoke has decided to follow the 
South Fork of the American River down the canyon and we have lost our view.

Those of you who read our blog frequently may know we have a beautiful view. But not this week. We can't see the river. It is out there somewhere.

Monday morning, following a night with open windows (a big mistake, but no different than what we had done all summer) I got up from a hard night trying to sleep and breathe at the same time, and looked out upon this.

We are very lucky we only have to deal with the smoke, so I am not complaining. We have had fires closer to us before. Our terrain is less likely to sustain a huge fire like the King fire, since it has burned around us several times before and cleared off a lot of the trees and brush. Also, hubby keeps our property brushed and mowed. We got a gold star from the Cal Fire guys when they checked on us last month.

This is looking south. There is a house there. You wouldn't even know it.

Prayers for all of you out there. I hope they get a handle on it soon.


Heidi Ann said...

Tina - it is SO scary to think about this! Thank you for your post; that smoke is absolutely horrid!

farmlady said...

I'm so glad that you wrote something about your area and how you are fairing in this horrible fire.
I have been thinking about you and was glad to see this post.
Keep your windows closed and hope for a change in the wind to clear the smoke.
It's going to be a long haul.
Take care.