Friday, September 5, 2014

Whatever The Time Of Year: I Love Christmas Finds

I found this cute little snowman, and I also found the trees.
He isn't perfect, but doesn't that just add to his charm?
I'm loving the cover of this vintage Mitch Miller record:
I was delighted to find this sweet little angel.
You know I love me some vintage felt-and-sequins on hand-crafted Christmas items!
I always pick up cute vintage Christmas music and song books:
  I found some Shiny Brites and more at a church rummage sale:
 This card file box is larger than a standard recipe box.
This is the top:
It looks like somebody decoupaged vintage embossed Christmas card cut-outs onto it after painting the box.
I love the colorful angels on the top and the front:
 Jolly Holly teardrop ornaments, and some larger Shiny Brites:
And the Santa Claus album cover, below was just that - the cover, with no record inside:
It was too great to pass up!
I love using album covers as backdrops for my Christmas decorations anyway, so who cares?
(It's not as though I have any shortage of Christmas music around here, believe me!)


Tina Dawn said...

I love all of these. I always think it is wonderful to find great Christmas stuff when it is still (kind of) far away from Christmas! These are all great finds. And I also have always loved Mitch Miller. Remember how we always watched his show, or were you too little? Love T

Jill said...

I just love everything but the song book stands out - what a cute cover!!