Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Penny Wearing? #111 - A Vision In Vintage Scott McClintock Velvet

Today, Penny is happy to show off this lovely 1980's vintage green velvet formal-length gown that I found at a thrift store.
It has the Scott McClintock label, from the line by Jessica McClintock that was named for her son:
It looks so pretty with my cameo necklace that was made by a friend of mine named Barbara, with whom I used to work at the Cedar Dining Room which was located inside the Raffle's Hotel on Main Street in Placerville, California.
(What is now known once again as The Cary House was named the Raffle's Hotel when owned by the Raffetto family. I discovered just now on their website that the Cary House Hotel first opened 157 years ago yesterday!)
The employees at the restaurant drew names and exchanged gifts at Christmas, and I felt very lucky that Barbara picked my name and gave me this beautiful pendant. I have treasured it for nearly forty years!
I love the lace bodice on this dress:
It also has a cute sort of a little "bustle" in the back. (Nice for the people who don't mind adding a little something in the back, I suppose! Let's suffice it to say that I don't need that, myself!)
The addition of a vintage shawl, also found at a thrift store, tops it off rather nicely.
I think Penny looks rather elegant today - just perfect for, perhaps, stepping back in time for a visit to a historic hotel!


Tina Dawn said...

I love the dress and your necklace. I have a similar cameo locket necklace I was given to wear with my El Dorado Rose costumes. I wish I had known about the anniversary, I would have loved to go all dressed up. Oh well. There is a disconnect in this county with the celebrations of history. I wish all the lovers of history were all more connected. Love T

Sheryl said...

I believe there was a line of patterns by this design also. I made a dress for a dance I was attending. The patterns were all so beautiful.

Heidi Ann said...

Tina - I'll have to check out your cameo necklace; it sounds lovely!
Sheryl - I haven't seen those, but Simplicity definitely had a line of Jessica McClintock and also her Gunne Sax patterns - lots of them! They certainly ARE beautiful! My sisters made their wedding dresses from a Gunne Sax pattern.