Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Walt Disney Stamp Debut, Circa 1968

Forty-six years ago today marked the debut of the Walt Disney postage stamp.
I can't remember where I bought this Official First Day Cover, but I remember being delighted to find it!
 The envelopes I am showing you were, I think, an eBay purchase.
 Here is a portion of the letter that was sent to Mr. Bevez inside his First Day Of Issue cover (the rest of it was advertising nonsense):
(The Disneyland envelope above is not vintage, but I love it.) 
 I decided to put a more recent Sorcerer Mickey stamp on the next scan, because he just looks good on there!
 I did share these envelopes and stamps once before (back in 2008), but perhaps you didn't see that post?
If you did, my scans in this post are new, and I at least hope you enjoyed seeing these vintage Disney items again today.


Tina Dawn said...

Very nice, a great collection! Love T

Jill said...

Fun!! I remember seeing that Walt Disney stamp from the US and thinking how neat it was - loved the Walt Disney hour!!

Candice said...

You are a treasure trove of all things vintage. My sister Alice still has her Mickey Mouse Club membership card. Alas, mine disappeared many many moons ago! I don't have Walt Disney stamps but I do have an envelope with the Elvis stamp when it first came out and the cancellation looks like the gates to Graceland!