Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scotch Decor (Vintage) Tape Dispensers

They don't make things like they used to.
You hear that a lot, right?
Well, believe it, because I am here to tell you that it it's true.
Case in point?
These Scotch Brand Tape Dispensers were truly made to last.
This vintage advertisement is from 1961:
(Don't you love the Siamese cat sitting in the fabulous chair? And the lady reminds me of Megan Draper. But, I digress...)
These little puppies are serious tape dispensers.
With a full roll of tape in them, they weigh about two pounds.
They aren't going anywhere when you try to get yourself a piece of tape.
And the whole roll of tape doesn't pop out of the holder when you pull on it, either, like it has time again with some of my newer, lighter weight (read: stupid, worthless) dispensers!
 Here's one with the original box, in  "Coral":
I'm assuming this is  "Frosty Yellow"
Apparently, they made them later  in other colors; here is one in beige, and you can see that the box is different:
The one in the next picture is mine. It is the coral color.
I showed it to you back when I originally found it. I've been using it on my desk ever since:
And here is my latest find - the one that prompted me to write this post.
I had been hoping to find another.
Because my desk isn't the only place where I use tape.
 I could not grab it fast enough when I found this pink (!) one at the very same thrift store as my other one - and for the same price!
Ninety-nine cents. Come to Mama!
 It was filthy. Nothing some elbow grease and a little bit of time couldn't cure.
I'm thinking this one must be the "Ice Pink":
I love having two - and in such pretty colors!
Oh, and I think it's pretty darned great that 53 years later, I paid just 30 cents over the original $1.29 price tag! (Plus tax.)
Well worth every penny.
And then some.
(Come to think of it, I had a full $5.00 loyalty card that day, so I got $5 off my total at the register. Using my "Heidi Logic", that means that this nice, heavy, pretty dispenser was FREE, along with a few of my other items, as well.
Now, you have to admit: it doesn't get any better than that!)


Tina Dawn said...

Yes, always loved those dispensers. We have a different kind here at my house, an old metal one, not anywhere near as pretty but a darn well better than the skinny plastic things you buy now. Love T

Georgia Peachez said...

I swear every time you blog about one of these awesome items from my childhood I have to go to eBay and buy one :->

Sheryl said...

I had no idea that they came in such great colors. I usually see only black or biege. Lucky girl.

Esther Burridge said...

oh boy, I want one SO BAD now. in coral.

Diane said...

Very neat-- love the ad too!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh if only I could find a tape dispense like any of these beauties. Your description of the modern ones i spot on.