Sunday, September 28, 2014

Models, Revisited : Betsy Cameron, Once More

Today, I'm featuring the lovely Betsy Cameron, yet again. You have seen her in numerous posts here where she is modeling clothing, but I have also done two other posts just about her alone, as well.
 (Click here and here to see the previous posts.)
Once more, I have a number of pictures of her from my vintage collection of Seventeen Magazines.
First up is a nice close-up from an advertisement for charm bracelets:  
And a number of photos from various fashion layouts:

 Nope, not Claudia - Betsy:

An ad for "Most Precious" perfume:
And one more advertisement, this one for Adorn Hair Spray:
Last of all, here is an ad for her furniture line "Betsy Cameron's Children" - I am not sure what year this ad came from:
I TOLD you she was (is) talented!


Tina Dawn said...

I like that cabinet, but I think it had better be secured to the wall very well if kids will use it. I had no idea she was a photographer or designed furniture. She sure is the picture of the all American girl. Love T

polka dot rose said...

your blog always takes me back to being a teen in the 70s!
good to have you back in my favorites, heidi!

Jill said...

Were her ads only in Seventeen?