Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thrift Finds With Pretty Embroidery

I really do love gorgeous, colorful embroidery.
I found the piece below recently - haven't yet decided what I will do with it. It's much too small to be a collar, but it might look nice as a picture frame:
I picked up this bright belt as well:
 And I also found a whole bag full of lovely vintage embroidered pieces at a thrift store in Jackson, too.
This is a pillow cover:
The same cover is seen below with the matching table runner beneath it:
Some of the pieces need additional stitching in order to complete them (that isn't a stain, it's a shadow or something):

  The one below is finished with a nice border around the edges:
 This set of three is finished, though one of them is faded:
 Here's a close-up of one of the corners to show detail:
 These embroidered napkins were in the bag, too:
Honestly, it was half-price day at the store where I found these, and with all of the people who were shopping (plus the fact that I got there hours after they opened), I could not believe this bag of lovely linens had been overlooked - or passed over - by everyone else!
I am glad it was left there for me.
And I'm glad that, apparently, most of the people who are at the thrift stores are not looking for the same types of things that I am.
Works for me!


Tina Dawn said...

Nice finds. I find it hard to pass up embroidered items. So much work was involved! Love T

holli said...

Those are fantastic!! You find the greatest stuff. I love that first beautiful embroidered picture frame thing.

Sheryl said...

I love the linens you found. I would be tempted to make myself some purses/bags out of some of them.