Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Few Of My Latest Thrift Finds

First up: I found this bright enamel fondue pot. The lid does not really go with it, but it works. It's a good, heavy one - not lightweight aluminum like a lot of them, but rather it has a nice white interior:
I even got some fondue cookbooks, and forks to go with it:
A pretty butterfly-stitched vintage pillow:
A set of nesting - or stacking - benches:
A melamine tray, yellow gingham napkins and a vase just like one I found a couple of weeks before:
A Lustroware "Vanity Tray & Drawer Organizer" in avocado green:
 A Griswold cast iron Danish cake pan:
And a Marimekko fabric remnant:
Good stuff.


Tina Dawn said...

Oh boy, cook me up some of those ebleskivers and I'll bring over the raspberry sauce. Yummy! Love T

Anusha Wijetunga said...

Oh I just love the things you find! Little benches come in so handy, especially with little people around. And I'm just dying over the fabric!