Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nail Art, Vintage Style

This is a different type of nail art!
Not the type that you (or somebody else) would paint on your
finger - or toe - nails.
Nope, this is actually a piece of art created WITH nails. The kind you hammer in!
I found it at a thrift store:
Many nails, nailed into an oval wooden plaque, and then painted to look like flowers:
I've never seen anything like it before:
(Yes, it's dirty - I haven't quite figured out how best to clean it yet!)
But, it's pretty cool.


Tina Dawn said...

It is really a great find. Very pretty, and made out of nails. Who woulda thunk it! Love T

Rosie said...

Thats' fantastic! I've never seen anything like that either. How about using a can of compressed air to clean it?

Annette said...

That is one amazing piece. I just love folk art and that one is truly unique!

Mick said...

How neat! What a cool find.