Friday, May 30, 2014

Bernice Stapleton, A Very Talented Artist

I found this gorgeous original flower painting on wood at a thrift store a few weeks back (luckily for me, on a half-price day):
Believe it or not, I recognized the artist immediately, even though I had seen her work only once before.
Because I  also remembered her name.
 You see, I had found this mixed media painting three years ago, at another thrift store about 75 miles away in another town:
I thought it was beautiful too.
Unfortunately, I sold it. Not because I didn't like it or didn't want it, but because I did not think I had a place for it.
Bernice Stapleton, you certainly do/did beautiful work!
I admire her talent. In fact, I became so fascinated after finding this second painting, that I searched online and found a few more examples of her artistry:
Sorry this last photo is so blurry - that's how the online image is of this crocus painting. It's for sale right now on eBay for $130.00. Love it, but I'm glad my find cost much less than that!
Lovely paintings, all.
Now, what in the heck am I going to do with this latest find?
(Because I am kind of kicking myself for selling the first one!)
Try to find a place for it, Heidi.
Try real hard.


Tina Dawn said...

Always enjoy your art finds. I like your newly found painting a lot more than the one you sold. You did good. Love T

Kitty Nikolai said...

Thank you so for your posts! I was only able to decipher a part of her signature on paintings I just purchased. I have two of hers that I will be selling on ebay soon. I love them, but like you in the past, I have no place for them.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Kitty - I am so glad you found my post, and that it was helpful to you.
Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a comment; I really appreciate it.

Tiny said...

I found one if her paintings today at Goodwill!!! I'd never heard of her but I thought it was kind of funky cool but the reason I bought it was because I loved her name. $2.49. It wasn't until I hung it that I decided to look her up. Mine is an orange and watermelon. I wish I could post a picture.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Tiny! Thank you so much for commenting. I would love to see a picture of your find! If you wanted to e-mail me a photo of it, I could add it to my post. Or, I might even write another post about her. I am always thrilled to see another example of her work, I really love it. You got a great deal for $2.49! Very cool.