Saturday, May 10, 2014

Urban Folk Art Collection

Sis Lori here:
Recently I visited Sebastopol, Ca. with a friend.
 Along Florence Avenue, some homes have the metal artwork of an artist named Patrick Amiot who makes these creations with JUNK.
They were absolutely fascinating to look at!!
You can see his story here:

Aren't they great?!

 Check out how he used common objects, such as a flashlight and a caster for their noses:
And see how the mermaids body and tail are made of lids from tin cans:
            I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did!


Tina Dawn said...

Oh,I LOVE them! I want to go see them in person. Loved this post, and great photos sis! Love T

GSGreatEscaper said...

Those are incredible!

Jim J said...

It's been way too long since I've visited Sebastopol--an apple festival years ago. Thanks for the reminder, Lori. Hey, you're quite a photographer.

Do you still work at the yogurt place? (I read that in a very old post.)

Thanks for sharing your road-trip and some good-time art. The artists sure look happy on their site. :0)