Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Flowers : My Secret Obsession With Vintage Paper Flowers

 They say April showers bring May flowers.
I suppose that's true, but I sure wish there was some way to even out the rainfall around the country.
 You know -  less in some areas that have WAY too much, and more here in California where we have drought issues?
 Would that it were possible.
Today, though, to celebrate the 1st of May, 'tis I who am bringing "May" flowers to you!
Yes, I must admit that I truly AM obsessed when it comes to these colorful vintage paper flowers from the 1960s.
I get excited when I find new (to me!) images of the vintage paper flowers that I love so much, made by Takahashi.
 The first one is actually from a Kotex advertisement, circa 1968:
I don't remember where I found the picture below - if you recognize it, please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due:

I love the way they filled up that basket with them and used them as a centerpiece!
The rest of my pictures in today's post are all from my vintage Seventeen magazines.
The flowers were all over the place back in the 60's and 70's.
Yes, of course I had some back then!
 They made an appearance in this advertisement for Rit Dye from 1971:
And in an ad for robes from 1968:
This one is from a party table spread:
And below, one more table set up buffet style, circa 1967:
 As you can clearly see by the pictures of my collection below, I truly am obsessed with these fabulous vintage flowers!

Call me crazy - but I love them and I just can't help myself.
 I mean, come on - how can you help but smile when you look at them?
 (Don't be surprised if I show you more pictures of them - as I come across them - in upcoming posts.....)


Diane said...

Those certainly scream the era, don't they? Miss that type of cheery decor! Very pretty and fun!

Tina Dawn said...

You need to let them free! LOL. Love T

Jill said...

You can learn so much on blogs, I have never heard of these before, they're so pretty!