Sunday, May 11, 2014

For Mother's Day

For your Mother's Day enjoyment, here are two vintage advertisements from 1930,
when, as it happens, Mother's Day also fell on May 11th.
First up, we have Whitman's Chocolates:
"Don't you forget!".
And, by the way, if you DID forget - you could still run out right now to pretty much any drug or variety store in the country and pick her up a Whitman's Sampler, should you desire to do so!
Flowers, on the other hand, can usually even be purchased at your local supermarket,
so there's still time for a last-minute gift, folks!
"Say it with flowers"..........
And last, but definitely not least, here's a vintage photo of the Gold Country Girls with our own Mother , from around 1961, maybe?
(I'm the short one.)
Happy Mother's Day to my sisters Tina and Lori - and to all of the rest of you out there!


Tina Dawn said...

I love that picture of us. Happy Mother's Day to our mom in heaven, and all the other mothers up there and down here too! Love T

Annette said...

That is a wonderful picture of the four of you. Happy Mother's Day.

Jim J said...

Fun picture of the Gold Country Girls & Gold Country Mom.

Anusha Wijetunga said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love the family pic -- too cute!