Thursday, May 22, 2014

Great Finds

Popping in today with some more of my recent thrift finds.
 Let's start with this fabulous cheese board,  from Arabia,  made In Finland - and found at the Waste Management store!
As in: somebody threw it away!
 Golly gee, SO glad I was able to rescue this beauty:
I found this sweet set at a thrift store that usually does not yield anything too great - two canisters and two mugs that match, lovely little ladybugs:
And I got this little cutie (from Maddux of California) another bird for my collection. Now I have to make room for him in my curio cabinet! I can do it.....
I have seen lamps just like this one in the pages of my vintage Seventeen Magazines, so I was excited to find this!
It still has a working light bulb inside that's from the 70's! I had never seen one like it before so I "Googled" it, only to discover that they were made from 1977 through the early 80's:
 Either this lamp wasn't used much over the years, or the claims about these bulbs being long-lasting are totally turtle true!
Made by Westinghouse. I just think it's cool that it was still working.
This wall decoration below may be plastic, but I think it's very nice-looking:
Two vintage recipe boxes, one has the "Spice Of Life" motif from vintage Corning Ware, or at least the design is similar:
This next one is my favorite, though. A big, beautiful green glass canister.
It was sitting in a weird place - with the Christmas stuff, which some people barely give a second glance at this time of year.
Good thing I look at everything, and I'm sure glad I spied it before anyone else got it:
Some flower power found it's way into the mix, too. A pair of casserole dish baskets, a single glass tumbler, and a nice set of four salad or dessert plates:
One more thing - a sweet little set of salt and pepper shakers from Avon:
Perhaps you will agree with me that this is a nice selection of items!
They're certainly colorful, to say the least.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow. Love the dessert plates and your little bird with his mushrooms. Great finds as usual! Love T

The Brittons said...

Great finds! I always use a mug shaped like those ladybug ones at my moms house. Those casserole baskets! I have one from my mom also that fits saran wrap, aluminum foil boxes perfectly too. Fun stuff Heidi!

Diane said...

Lots of fun finds right up my alley! I have a tall glass like your short flower power one. Aren't they cool?

Annette said...

I am still amazed that you find so many 60's/70's things. I rarely see them around here much. I went back to see you post on the birds. Great collection. I have a collection of them, too, but not so large!!

Anusha Wickramasinghe Wijetunga said...

Those are some amazing finds! We'd be lucky to find even a couple of things like that in the stores around here.