Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Robbi checks out the poppies

Hi there. I am Robbi, and I am a Welsh Corgi, ten years old. I am lucky to live in Kelsey, California and in the spring we are blessed with a beautiful view of our California state flower, the poppy.

I went for a walk with one of my humans, and he and I took pictures of the poppies so when they are gone (which they are now finished blooming, it being May and getting quite hot) we will be able to remember them in their glory.

I just love to sit and look at the view. You can see how low the South Fork of the American River is, it is a drought year. The poppies seemed to like the weather this year!

Sometimes the poppies bloom like mad in late February, and sometimes in March. This year we actually were worried they weren't going to blossom out, because it happened so late. When they finally did, in April, they put on a display that was the best my humans have seen in the fifteen years they have lived here.

My mom didn't realize there were poppies also growing on the hillsides below her house, you can see a bit of that in the above photo on the lower left.

Well, what do you think? Aren't I a lucky dog?

Heading back up the hill through the matilija poppies. Next week I will show you those, they are starting to bloom now in the warm May sun.


Heidi Ann said...

Robbi IS lucky - and he's SO cute!
And the poppies are so pretty.

Diane said...

Gorgeous! Robbi too!

farmlady said...

What a lucky dog you are, Robbi. What a view you have and room to run.
Watch for rattlers, now that the hot weather is here. Does mom know about the rattlesnake vaccine?
We'll look forward to another tour. The poppies were so beautiful.