Friday, May 9, 2014

One Dollar? Seriously?

I happened to be standing right nearby as the volunteer worker at the thrift store hung this up,  just putting it out for sale.
"Oh, that's pretty", I said, as I moved in closer. As she was walking away, I got a look at the price tag.
"A dollar?", I thought to myself - "seriously?"
Do you know how long it took somebody to make this gorgeous stained glass creation? (It's fairly good-sized, about 9 by 8 inches.)
I know that it took a good while.
 I've never done stained glass, but Lori has, and it is not a quick-and-easy craft!
I get a kick out of how things are priced at some of these shops. They will put some outrageously ridiculous price on something that is a worthless piece of crap, or something that is chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged just because it's vintage. And then there are things such as those that they perceive to be worth $75 (or insert equally ridiculous price), simply because one sold three years ago on eBay for that price and they have the print-out to prove it - you get the idea. It's a thrift store, not an antique shop, and if you know anything about eBay, you know full well that something could sell for $75 one day and the next day three more just like it could be listed and not even get a single bid. Yes, that's totally true. I've also seen things listed for weeks and get no bids, and then they relist it and may even raise the price rather than lowering it, and then end up with a last-minute bidding frenzy and a much higher price than they originally were willing to sell it for.
But something like this lovely glass butterfly?
I cannot help but wonder who decided that it was only worth a dollar.
Don't get me wrong - of course, I love a great deal just as much as the next person.  The logic of the pricing at some of these shops just astounds me sometimes, that's all. I am, indeed, happy that sometimes the logic results in my finding wonderful treasures at very low prices. Naturally, that makes me happy.
So - this butterfly was certainly worth one dollar to me.
And now it is hanging in our kitchen window.
Where, every single day, it is appreciated for it's beauty
And also for it's bargain price..
End of story.


Jill said...

It is certainly worth a dollar - it's beautiful!

Anusha Wijetunga said...

That is just gorgeous and I'm so glad you were able to find and appreciate it.

Roseville thrift stores are slowly getting kind of awful. There's one where everything is "styled" and "curated" to the nth degree, with prices to match. Our local Cancer Society store is also following suit, though it's nowhere near as bad. It's about a hundred times worse if something's "Mid Century", because then they're priced hiiiiiigh. I mean, I know they have to make money too and most times it's for a worthy cause, but it's gotten ridiculous.

The thing is, there are many many times they just don't know how valuable something is! I too have seen all kinds of ugly junk labeled "vintage" with high prices, and right next to it will be a beautiful unique genuine vintage thing that's just considered "old junk" and priced low. Of course, I'm always happy to take that off their hands (haha!), but it just boggles the mind.

I found my beloved ginormous macrame wall hanging at a local vintage store with a sign next to it that read "1971 is calling" or some such stupid thing, like it was some joke and who would buy something that ugly etc., etc. So I brought it home for $12 and now it's hanging in the bedroom in all its glory, and every day I can look at it and smile because it makes me so happy! And I too think of how someone must have spent weeks or even months painstakingly creating this beautiful work of art.

Tina Dawn said...

Very pretty. I have done stained glass too, bigger projects than your butterfly, and I know it took many hours to make. It is really nice, and I am sure looks great in your window! And yes, pricing is sometimes a total joke. Very,very old indeed. Love T

Diane said...

Thrift store prices are all over the place by me too. Sometimes I think it's due to different people doing the pricing.

Jim J said...

I don't know much about thrift stores but there are artists in my family and I sure do think the butterfly is beautiful. I enjoyed your article, Heidi, and Anusha's detailed comment also.

And everyone else's comment of course. Sometimes, I sure have trouble proving I'm not a robot though. Time to get new glasses.