Friday, May 23, 2014

Russian Nesting Dolls All Over

I found this pretty (and very large) scarf with Russian nesting dolls in the fabric design at a thrift store when I was on my way over to see my sisters in Placerville the last time:
And then at my next stop up the road a bit, I found the little set of nesting dolls:
Cute, huh?
The scarf is huge, really - it's big enough to use as a tablecloth over a small table. I just thought it was funny that I found them on the same day, as I don't often  find nesting dolls at thrift stores, and I've never even seen a scarf with them on it.
 Oh - and it was half-price-day everywhere I went that day, too!
That's always nice.


Tina Dawn said...

So cute, I love the strawberry decorations! Love T

farmlady said...

How sweet is this pairing? You really were lucky to find the scarf and then the nesting dolls.
They're just wonderful together.