Monday, April 20, 2015

A Change Of Scene

I have a little announcement of sorts today.
I am moving into a new space at a shop in Jamestown, California.
A. Flowers is located at 18190 Main Street in Jamestown:
I have only started to move in; I have much more to do!
You can see some of my merchandise for sale in these few photos.

The owner does a lovely job of displaying all of her beautiful wares, ( as seen in the following four photos - but there is much more!):
She makes jewelry and also fabulous paper crafts, tags, cards, etc.
These adorable birdhouses are also offered for sale:
I am loving these gorgeous wooden flowers she has, also!
If you're ever in the area, please pop in and have a look around.
It really is a wonderful shop!


lorlore said...

I love it!!!! So happy for you!!!! Can't wait to visit and see it in person!!! Good luck, I know you will do well!!!!!

Candice said...

I'd love to pop in if you weren't 700 miles away! Good luck in your new endeavor!

Nancy's Notes said...

A. Flowers looks like an adorable place! I wish I lived near you, I'd be in there all the time! Texas is a bit far! Enjoy your new place, love it!

Diane said...

Good luck! Looks like a fun shop-- wish I lived closer! Love those flower plaques too!

Tina Dawn said...

That is a very cute little house, is there room for me to move in? I could dust. I hope you do really well there. Love T

Annette said...

This looks like a wonderful place that I would visit often. I would buy your blue stools in a hot second!! Hoping your sales are good there!!

Heidi Ann said...

Thank you, everybody!

pj gaudin said...

just found this blog and have spent the better part of my lazy sunday reading it! love the look of your shop. wish i had found this blog before my last placerville to sonora roadtrip :) are the thrift stores you shop at along hwy 49? i love the things you have found.