Sunday, April 12, 2015

An Assortment Of Finds

Today I have a somewhat random selection of thrift store finds to share.
We'll start with this cute, kitschy "Kaffee Klatch" tray with it's Pennsylvania Dutch designs:
I really like this bird pin, marked "Made In Germany" on the back:
I think the binder pictured below is pretty cool.  I suppose they may  be common, but I have never seen one like it - it has handles to carry it with:
Carry it, and then flip it and open it up. Convenient, and quite attractive, as well:
I also picked up this little "watering can" in ceramic, by Counterpoint. You can water plants with it if you like, or even use it as a cream pitcher.
I found some more pretty poppy placemats:
And a tablecloth and brightly colored plastic hooks. I like these hooks; I had one just like them when I was a teenager, only it was ceramic:
And I'm pretty sure the tablecloth is vintage, because who puts these kinds of sweet graphics on packaging nowadays?

I already had the Mary Engelbreit clock seen in the next photo, and I found the little teapot lamp that matches it at a thrift store. There is no marking on it, and at this particular thrift, I'm pretty sure they'd have priced it higher if they had known it was a Mary Engelbreit item:
When I was digging around in some boxes about a month ago that have been in storage for years, I rediscovered my can opener with the aqua painted wooden handle, and at a thrift store I found this cool chopper to go with it. I've tried out the chopper - easy to use, and I like it!
And I also found one of these shakers buried in a box that was packed away years ago. Now that I have paired it with my other one, I have an useful pair. 
(I had to snag the lid off of another shaker, in order to have a true vintage aluminum one that matched!)
Salt and pepper, anyone?


Tina Dawn said...

Love your finds, especially the poppy placemats, and your chopper and shaker. Love T

Melanie said...

Love that tray!