Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Peacock Guards the Road in Placerville (Kelsey Edition)

Good morning.  Tina here.

I was coming home one afternoon last week and there was an unusual obstacle in the road up ahead. My neighbor was the first to reach it. 
My neighbor was very slowly trying to make her way around a peacock who was strutting his stuff. His mate was nowhere to be seen, but that didn't seem to matter.
The other car finally got by and the peacock got tired of showing off for no one except us humans, and started back towards his home.
I stopped and took these shots above with my phone out of my car window as he headed for the meadow trailing his lovely tail behind, his feathers glistening metallic in the 3 o'clock sun.
Yesterday at about the same time in the afternoon, who did I spy?  Proud Mr. Peacock again in the road at the same place, but this time he was in rare form.
His tail spread in magnificent array but heading forward, with his lower feathers sticking out from his rear as if they were the ones to be on stage.
As I watched in awe, he did a funny little dance with his rear end, wiggling his butt feathers as he did his choreography carefully, for what reason I don't know.
Yes, Mr. Peacock, you definitely stand out in the crowd today. I think you will win your love, if she ever comes around to watch!


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, I love peacocks!
I used to see them when I was out delivering mail on the rural routes, but now I very seldom get the chance.
This was an entertaining post!
Love, H.

Melanie said...

Beautiful peacocks! Great post.